UK VISA:Students can now switch to skilled worker visa before completion of course!

The UK

Amid all the concerns regarding that student visas in the UK might become difficult from 2023, there are ways in which students can change their status to work visas even before they graduate from the University.  

Noting the same, Yash Dubal, Director at A Y & J Solicitors, United Kingdom, a London-based visa and immigration specialist said, UK Government taking steps to remove barriers for international students who wish to remain in the country and contribute to the workforce.

Previously, a student required a degree-level qualification even if he or she had gained valuable skills and experience through other means and Dubal referred to that such requirement as an ‘unnecessary hurdle’.

“The change in the rule will provide greater flexibility and opportunities for international students, and is a positive step towards attracting and retaining highly skilled talent in the UK,” Dubal comments. 

Additionally, the removal of the degree-level qualification requirement aligns with the Government’s stated goal of attracting the best and brightest global talent to the UK. 

Further, this change will make the Skilled Worker Visa more accessible to a wider range of individuals and will allow them to contribute their skills and expertise to the UK economy.  It is important for the UK to continue to support and attract international talent, as this will help drive innovation and growth in the country. 

“Overall, this change is a welcome development for international students in the UK, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on the economy and society,” he further asserts

Last month, the Rishi Sunak government announced that it is likely to take strong measures as net migration in the country rose to record high in June.

British Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently published data show, the net migration in the UK rose to 504,000 in the year to June 2022. The surge is higher than pre-Brexit levels. Most arrivals were from non-EU countries.

An estimated 1.1 million long-term immigrants arrived over the period, up 435,000 on the previous year. The biggest proportion of those leaving Britain were EU nationals. Three new visa schemes – for Ukrainians, Afghans and Hong Kong British nationals – together added around 138,000 to the number of arrivals. Apart from that students also make up a large proportion of the arrivals.