Co-operation of Vistula University with KPMG in Poland opens up new opportunities for our students.

KPMG and Vistula

Vistula University and KPMG in Poland have recently concluded a co-operation agreement. This opens up new opportunities for our university, and gives our students a unique chance to get to know the audit and consulting industry “from the inside”, gain experience, and prepare for work, in one of the largest companies within this sector in the world.

The mission of  Vistula University is to prepare students in the best possible way for their future professional careers. We want them to learn what they will need in the future, and gain competencies that will help them achieve success. We appreciate and support their ambitions and commitment. After all, we educate the labour market and follow its needs.

The university pursues these goals by co-operating with the socio-economic environment. Establishing co-operation with KMPG in Poland is an extremely important element of this strategy. We do it for our students.

As part of the concluded agreement, the company will establish a scholarship programme for outstanding students of Finance and Accounting, fluent speaking in Polish language. The scholarship programme is related to the obligation to work at KPMG in Poland for 18 months. The company will also organise internships and apprenticeships, as well as co-organise conferences, debates, symposia, and seminars. Our students will, therefore, develop and gain practical knowledge from the best. They have a chance to co-create one of the largest audit and advisory companies in the world.

KPMG in Poland is part of a global organisation of independent audit and advisory companies. For 31 years, it has been providing professional services on the Polish market. The company’s activities include:

  • tax consulting,
  • business consulting,
  • legal advice,
  • transaction consulting,
  • accounting services,
  • IT and technologies.

KPMG in Poland works for both international corporations, large Polish companies, and entities from the small and medium-sized enterprise sector. The knowledge and professionalism of its employees constitute a unique market value. The company employs highly qualified and experienced specialists and graduates, from  the best Polish and foreign universities, who constantly expand their knowledge and gain professional qualifications.

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