German Study Visa Explained: Types, Requirements and Processing Time


As Germany becomes a popular choice for students pursuing their undergraduate, exchange, graduate, or postgraduate studies, visas are required as a part of the process of going to study in Germany. For students applying to German colleges or universities, the new appointment slots for student visas are set to open next month.

There are three types of German student visas that a candidate can apply for: German student visa which is the standard student visa for international students, German student applicant visa if you wish to be in Germany for university admission in person and German language course visa if you wish to study for a German language course.

The requirements for a study visa in Germany include: filled out and signed national visa application form, passport, certificate of birth, marriage certificate (if applicable), passport-size photographs and proof of financial resources, scholarship awarding certificate, proof of university admission and certificate of German or english language proficiency. Additionally, students applying for undergraduate and preparatory courses also need APS Certificate and TestAs scores.

It takes up to 25 days for your German student visa application to be processed.

Source: Hindustan times

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